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child emotional educational health tools, printable, digital, resources for educators, wellbeing practitioners, kids emotion coaches, children's therapists, counselors

Printable Emotional Education Resources to teach children information and wellbeing strategies that help them manage big, messy emotions.

Welcome to The Educators Room

Who is The Educators Room for?

It's specifically for teachers, teaching assistants, school wellbeing intervention workers (such as ELSAs), child wellbeing practitioners, family support or youth workers and emotion coaches, therapists or counsellors. If you work with children between 5 and 16 years, delivering emotional education and supporting their wellbeing or mental health, The Educators Room is your resource bank!

What can The Educators Room be used for?

The materials are designed to support the direct work you do with children in schools, wellbeing sessions or therapy rooms. The resources provide information, activities and worksheets to enhance the provision you deliver. We create engaging materials that help you deliver education and interventions.

How many times can I use the resources?

Prices include an Educators Extended Licence which means you can use the resources with unlimited children in your work. When purchasing from The Educators Room you can also share resources with others in your workplace. For full licence details, see our FAQs.

Please note there is no commercial resell permitted.

Time Saving

We understand you are busy and access to engaging resources saves you time. We ensure our materials are visually appealing, impactful and easy to utilise. Let us take care of creating meaningful resources, so you can focus on using your wisdom to make a difference to the children you work with.

Quality Resources

Our review average is 5 star, based on 374 reviews! Our resources are written by our founder, a qualified Primary School Teacher and trained Kids Emotion Coach, with further training in NLP, CBT Coaching and Mindfulness for Children.

Emotional Intelligence

Over 5000 young minds have benefited from our educational materials so far. Our resources are more than just printable worksheets! We ensure they add value through creative concepts and child friendly content, to help you nurture the self awareness that is key to developing emotional intelligence.

Empower with Emotional Education

Using our experience, training and the latest information, we've created child friendly, educational resources that support you to deliver wellbeing lessons or therapy sessions. We're big believers in developing children's self awareness to support wellbeing.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

We've created a huge range of resources that provide opportunities for activities and meaningful conversations that develop emotional intelligence within your sessions. We use CBT and NLP theory in many of our resources.

Classroom or Therapy Room Resources

As well as worksheets, activity sheets and information sheets, we've created visually appealing resources for the wellbeing intervention environment. These include emotion cards, coping skills cards and posters.

Save on Resource Bundles

Spend less time browsing and more time supporting the children you work with. Our bundles do the searching for you by combining multiple resources from our shop, ensuring you have a range of quality educational material to hand.

"Such helpful tools for teaching."

Worry Worksheets Printable Pack Customer, January 2023

Worry Worksheets PRINTABLE Pack for 5 to 12 year olds


Help My Feelings make me want to ROAR PRINTABLE Anger Management Workbook


Confidence PRINTABLE Workbook Superhero Themed


Calming Strategy Flashcards and Posters PRINTABLE Kit for Kids


Recognising Emotions PRINTABLE Activity Kit


Chill Out SPACE PRINTABLE Emotional Literacy and Regulation Kit


Anger's Hidden Feelings PRINTABLE CBT Activity


Anxiety Iceberg


Teen Feelings PRINTABLE Kit


Breathing Strategies Printable Pack


Grounding 5 4 3 2 1 PRINTABLE Sheet


HALT Emotional Regulation Technique PRINTABLE Prompt Sheet/Poster


RAIN Technique PRINTABLE Poster and Worksheet


Anger Volcano PRINTABLE Poster and Worksheet


STOP Emotional Regulation PRINTABLE Prompt Sheet/Poster


Original Creator

Our resources are designed and created by us with the help of illustrative elements from freelance graphic designers, which helps to bring our educational material to life. Each listing credits these designers where required.

Our resources are registered and verified by a 3rd party to protect our work from digital theft. This also helps us reassure our customers that they are purchasing from us, the original creators.

You can find out more in our FAQ section.

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Find out more about our founder

Are you a Parent?

The Ink and Scribbles Educators Room is the sister site to our main Ink and Scribbles website, where you will find resources for use at home. Visit the main website at to browse The Kids Den resource section to support your child, or The Mama Haven to find supportive resources for mothers.

Ink and Scribbles

Ink and Scribbles is an emotional education resource store founded in 2019 by a qualified Primary School Teacher and trained Kids Emotion Coach. Ruth has also added further training in Mindfulness for Kids, EFT for Kids and CBT Coaching to her skills.

We provide digital materials that help parents, educators and other professionals to support children's emotional development. We believe in the power of emotional education and coaching on child wellbeing!

Our founder was inspired to create Ink and Scribbles when learning to support her highly sensitive, anxious child. During this time, Ruth found herself creating resources to explain concepts and develop their emotional understanding. This made a huge difference to her daughter's self awareness, confidence and regulation skills!

As a former Primary School Teacher, who is passionate about child emotional education, development and wellbeing she wanted to share her creations so others could benefit too.

With 15 years experience in the education sector, our founder is fully aware of the challenges facing educators in supporting emotional wellbeing. Our work is accredited by the IPHM, a third party who maintain values and standards for those in the holistic wellbeing sector.

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