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Confidence PRINTABLE Workbook Superhero Themed

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Confidence and Self Esteem Printable Workbook

Teach children how to find their confidence and develop their self esteem with the 40 page Finding the Superhero in Me Workbook!


Confidence, Self Esteem

What is the Superhero Confidence Workbook?

Have you ever wondered how you can support children's confidence and self esteem? Or how to help them build resilience to challenges they face? This workbook is what you are looking for! 

We created this workbook because confidence is something we can learn to 'do'! When children learn the foundations of confident behaviour, they discover they can be confident even when they feel nervous or worried. 

This workbook supports your conversations with children about confidence and self esteem by showing them the 4 pillars of Superheroes (self esteem, resilience, purpose and growth mindset). They will learn what Superheroes need and discover they have these in them too through activities to develop the 4 pillars. This workbook is a fun introduction to mind tools that children needs to feel confident. 

How can this workbook help children?

Through activities, learning sheets and resource sheets children will begin to build an awareness of what it takes to be confident. They will learn things that show them confidence is something they can learn to 'do'. The activities will help children develop their self esteem as they discover more about themselves and reflect positively on their traits. 

What does this printable include?
  • Educator Guide including suggestions of strategies to support confidence.
  • 4 things a Superhero needs poster and prompt cards
  • Superhero Beliefs - The 4 thoughts that help a Superhero be a Superhero!)
  • Self Esteem Activity Section - Activities to develop an understanding of confidence and nurture self confidence
  • Purpose Activity Section -Activity to help your child reflect on what matters to them and in what area they might want to make a difference
  • Resilience Activity Section - Activities to build resilience and learn to protect your self esteem
  • Growth Mindset Activity Section -An important foundation for confidence; activities to help your child understand that they can grow and abilities aren't fixed
Designed for children to use with a supportive adult. Ideal for early stage wellbeing interventions.

What age range does this workbook suit?

It's ideal for children 6-10 year olds.

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