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Our bundles have been carefully curated to provide complementary resources from our store. By grouping materials into bundles, we aim to ensure you have range of quality resources to hand so you can support children's needs with ease.

We're currently uploading bundles, so do check back regularly.

How can bundles help you?

Save time

Save yourself hours of online browsing by using our bundles section. Our bundles cover a range of wellbeing areas, meaning you'll have a toolkit of resources to hand to address the needs of the children you work with.

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All our bundles include great savings! By purchasing bundles you get more for less.

Access future additions

The purchase of a bundle is made slightly differently from our individual resources. You will set up an account where your downloads will be stored. You'll also have access to any additions we make to a bundle in the future!

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Anger Management Resource Bundle for Supporting Primary School Aged Children

Emotional Education Handout/Poster PRINTABLE Pack