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Help My Feelings make me want to ROAR PRINTABLE Anger Management Workbook

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Anger Management Printable Workbook for Kids!

Do you work with a child who is struggling to manage anger? Or do you want to teach children emotional intelligence skills based around big emotions. HELP My Feelings make me want to ROAR! is a printable workbook that will support children's emotional intelligence and regulation skills.


Anger management, Self Regulation, Emotional Intelligence.

How can this workbook help children?
This printable is ideal for children who struggle with anger, supporting them with their understanding and the way they respond to this challenging emotion. It is also a super educational resource for any child, teaching them how thoughts impact their feelings and actions. Everyone experiences angry feelings, and this workbook will educate all kids about anger in a child friendly way.

This 'HELP MY Feelings make we want to ROAR!' printable is a fabulous teaching resource for parents or educators wanting to support children's emotional health and development. It uses dinosaur graphics to help your child understand the Reptilian brain, the area responsible for our automatic responses and emotions. Understanding emotions and our responses to them is central to developing emotional intelligence, which is a key factor in personal success. This printable combines knowledge with strategies to implement. 

What does this printable include?
  • Adult and Child Guide Pages 
  • Anger Thermometer 
  • Anger Iceberg
  • Teaching sheets to educate children on the basic psychology of anger 
  • CBT based anger cycle poster
  • Activities that develop self awareness, supporting your child to identify triggers and recognise signs of anger
  • Resources that promote communication and connection during big feelings
  • Feelings Journal page, self reflection page
  • Anger and Friendships, reflect on feelings of blame and anger towards others, developing empathy.
Designed for children to use with a supportive adult. 

What age range does this workbook suit?

It's ideal for children 5-11 year olds to work through anger and develop emotional intelligence.

A4 and US Letter PDF files included.

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You may use this item in your workplace setting. 
Authorised Users included: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Wellbeing Professionals working with children such as coaches, therapists, psychologists and counsellors. 


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