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The Anger Wave (DBT Based Skill) PRINTABLE Pack

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A set of worksheets to support children and young people to surf their anger wave.


Anger Management, Emotional Regulation

What is the Anger Wave printable pack?

The Anger Wave Pack is a visual resource to help children and teenagers develop an ability to surf their anger wave, allowing themselves time to process what they feel and let it pass before responding.

This printable resource pack is ideal for children who struggle with anger, or the way they respond to this challenging emotion.

The Anger Wave is a fabulous teaching resource for parents, counsellors or educators wanting to demonstrate how to ride an emotion or sit with it.

How can this pack help me support my students or clients?

This resource will support children and teens to:

  • develop an ability to recognise escalating emotions
  • recognise an emotion before they hit the peak of the wave
  • identify coping strategies
  • develop an ability to sit with their emotion and process it

What does this printable include?

  • User Guide
  • Child Guide (younger and older child versions)
  • The Anger Wave visual sheet with 3 stages of anger
  • Plan to Surf the Anger Wave Worksheet
  • Coping skills to help surf an Anger Wave

What age range does this workbook suit?

It's ideal for children 7-16 year olds to work through anger and develop self awareness and calming strategies. There are two versions of some sheets in the pack to ensure you have an engaging resource for all older children and teenagers.


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