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Managing Big Emotions and Finding Calm CBT Resource Pack

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Over 40 pages of printable Sea themed learning sheets (handouts or posters), worksheets and activities to help children understand and manage big emotions.


Anger Management, Emotional Regulation

What is the Managing Big Emotions and Finding Calm Support Pack?

This printable is based in CBT to support emotional regulation through self awareness and also explores mindfulness to discover ways to calm the nervous system.

It is ideal for children who struggle with understanding big emotions, or the way they respond to challenging emotions such as anger, anxiety or frustration. It is also a great educational resource for any child, teaching them how thoughts impact their feelings and actions using the CBT triangle model and through a creative Sea theme!

Our 'Managing Big Emotions and Finding Calm' printable is a fabulous teaching resource for those wanting to support children's emotional regulation in an engaging and child friendly way. The pack provides a toolkit of resources that can be flexibly used in wellbeing sessions as and when needed, or to deliver an intervention around the sea theme.

How can this pack help me support my students or clients?

Sea themed graphics are used to help children understand the experience of big emotions and how regulation strategies are helpful. Through the analogy of stormy seas and anchors, children will understand how big emotions are a normal human experience, whilst also realising that regulation is how we ride the emotion storm waves.

This pack will help your students/clients to:

  • deepen their understanding of emotions
  • develop emotional intelligence
  • understand challenging emotions as a temporary state
  • realise they have the ability to stay in control
  • learn to respond in a manner they choose
  • recognise stress and overwhelm
  • explore ways to relax and be mindful

What does this printable include?

  • Child Guide Page
  • Stress Bucket
  • Big Emotions Explanation and Worksheet (using analogy of waves)
  • Emotion Anchors
  • Being in control during an Emotion Storm (using analogy of boat anchor)
  • My Feelings Wave (approaching changing emotions as a wave that rises up and down).
  • Re-thinking my Thinking ( positive thinking)
  • My Emotion Wave (exploring the ripple effect of emotions inc what causes a certain emotion, how we respond to that emotion and things that we could choose to do instead).
  • My Emotions Journey (CBT based)
  • Mindfulness explanation
  • Create your own mindfulness techniques support cards
  • Create a Calm Down Treasure Box
  • Which Underwater Zone are you in? (Emotion Zones alternative using the Sea Theme)
  • Feelings Poster
  • Plus more!


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