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Hack your Happy Brain Chemicals PRINTABLE worksheet pack for Teenagers

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A educational workbook that teaches older children and young people how brain chemicals influence happiness and how to "hack them".


Regulation, Emotional Literacy, Resilience

What is the Hack your Happiness Workbook?

This downloadable pack will empower children to take ownership of their happiness by 'hacking' the brain chemicals involved in positive mindset and regulating emotions. They'll learn how the 4 main 'happiness chemicals' nourish our wellbeing and how to promote the production of these brain chemicals through simple, everyday activities.

How you can support your students or clients:

The printable workbook will also give you resources to emotionally educate the children you work with. These resources will help you:

  • raise their emotional intelligence by teaching them useful knowledge on the meaning of happiness
  • support healthy perspectives on the emotions we feel
  • guide them to coping skills that will support wellbeing
  • help them understand the nervous system

What's inside the workbook?

The Printable "Hack your Happiness" workbook contains pages to help you teach your child knowledge and strategies that develop emotional intelligence and improve overall wellbeing. It includes 38 pages of powerful resources including:

  • Intro pages
  • Information worksheets to teach children about the meaning of happiness
  • Information worksheets to teach your child about the different types of happiness we feel
  • Information about the nervous system
  • Activity sheets to reflect on high energy and low energy feelings of happiness
  • Happiness Hacks Resource sheet and accompanying cards to help children identify supportive strategies quickly and easily
  • A Daily DOSE (stands for the 4 brain chemicals) cheat sheet to help your child plan their daily happy hacks
  • Information about the 4 happy brain chemicals
  • A 'Happy Place" Activity, which helps children identify actions and experiences that nurture their happiness and wellbeing
  • Happy Hacks Worksheets, helping children understand that we can move into various emotional states but can always return to a happy state with the use of wellbeing strategies
  • Glimmer information and worksheet
  • Gratitude information and worksheet

What age range does this workbook suit?

It's ideally suited to 8 - 16 year old children.


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