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My Friendship Workbook PRINTABLE - Develop Kids Social Skills

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A comprehensive Friendship Workbook for developing children's social skills.

Our relationships are a fundamental element of our overall happiness. As it's so critical to our wellbeing, teaching children social skills is vital so they can learn to nurture healthy relationships.

How can you teach children to build social skills? 

We’ve written My Friendship Workbook; a creative solution for parents and educators!


Social Skills, Friendship Building, Emotional Intelligence

What is My Friendship Workbook?

This workbook contains a huge range of teaching sheets and worksheets to support children in developing an understanding of friendship and build social skills. This 61 page PDF contains two sections:

  • Understanding friendship
  • Building Social Skills

Together these two sections help you work through child friendly resources to support children's social emotional development. Navigating friendships can be a rollercoaster! Our learning sheets help you explain social dynamics and teach children social skills such as inclusion and assertive communication.

As a parent and experienced primary school teacher, I know how hard it can be to support children through social dynamics such as passive aggressive behaviours or jealousy. I've used my teaching skills and emotion coaching training to develop a workbook that has explanation sheets (clearly labelled as Learning Sheet in the pack), so that you can simply read through accessible information designed specifically for 6 - 11 year olds. Children can follow this up by completing the activity sheets to embed their learning.

How can this workbook help me support my clients/students?

This workbook support you in developing children's:

  • understanding of relationships
  • understanding social dynamics at an appropriate level for this age group
  • understanding of what friendship is
  • range of social skills

What's included in my download?

Use the contents as a workbook in the order it's numbered or as a pick and mix resource kit to suit your needs.

  • User Guide for Parents/Educators

Section 1

  • What is Friendship
  • Friendly or Unfriendly
  • Relationships and ME (Social Circles)
  • What does a good friend look like?
  • Good Friend Checklist
  • Social Shapes Activity (Exploring Social Dynamics, incs guide for parents/educators)
  • Good Friends are like Good Books/The Story of My Best Friend and I
  • Join the Tribe (Learning about our need to belong)
  • Super Strengths
  • Permission to be ME
  • How to be YOU
  • Being ME
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Acceptance and Tolerance
  • Being Inclusive and Tolerant
  • Tame the Green Eyed Monster

Section 2

  • Connection
  • Communication is more than words
  • Communicating with Body Language
  • Comparison
  • How to say Sorry
  • Apologizing
  • Compliments
  • Avoid the Blame Game
  • Be a Truth Detective
  • Assertive Communication
  • Think Poster
  • Analyzing a Friendship Problem
  • Solving a Friendship Problem
  • Circle of Control to deal with friendship problems

What age range is this workbook suitable for?

It's created for 6 -11 year olds.


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Authorised Users included: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Wellbeing Professionals working with children such as coaches, therapists, psychologists and counsellors. 


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