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Teen Anxiety Toolkit PRINTABLE | Worry Workbook for Adolescents

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A printable anxiety worksheet pack for tweens and teens.

Worrying is a natural human response but it can impact the lives of children to varying degrees, sometimes overwhelming every day life. This printable toolkit provides schools, wellbeing practitioners or counsellors with a powerful and engaging visual resource they can use to support the children they work with.


Anxiety, Worry

What is 'My Worry Toolkit'?

This is a downloadable pack of worksheets and educational resources that will support the teens you work with to manage worry and anxiety. It's a powerful PDF toolkit that teaches teens about anxiety, demystifies and normalises their experience of worry and teaches coping skills. My Worry Toolkit is a resource that will support school run intervention programs for anxious teens or provide mental health or wellbeing professionals with a 'done for you' resource pack.

How you can support your students or clients:
  • educate on the nervous system
  • help teens understand what's happening in their body when they feel anxious
  • teach strategies to deal with worries including visualisation and reframing
  • help teens analyse the cause of a worry with the CBT triangle
  • help teens identify common triggers
  • help teens choose appropriate responses and ask for help
  • explore coping strategies

What's inside the workbook?

46 worksheets and learning pages including:
  • introduction pages for children and a guide containing some support suggestions 
  • CBT based worksheets to teach self awareness and the power of thought to manage worries
  • A visualisation technique for protection from worries 
  • A chart for controlling worries through key worry busting questions
  • Pages for exploring how big worries really are and appropriate responses. 
  • A set of cut out 'reach out' cards, to let someone know a worry is a problem 
  • 'Coping strategy cards' to remind young people how they can stay in control of their response to their feelings and feel calmer. 
  • A Worry Action Planning sheetA Cognitive Distortion infographic sheet
  • Thought Traps
  • Anxiety Iceberg
  • Goal Setting
  • Worry Triggers
  • Visualizing positive outcomes
  • Moving out of the Comfort Zone
What age range does this workbook suit?
Ideal for children aged 10 years+.

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A4, US Letter Size formats included.

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Authorised Users included: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Wellbeing Professionals working with children such as coaches, therapists, psychologists and counsellors. 


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